If you’ve never floated before

If you’re interested in having your first experience, you can satisfy your curiosity by asking all of the questions that come to mind, and by visiting the floatation center and taking all the time you need before trying this extraordinary experience.

Practical tips:

1. You should bring anything you need with you for before or after the float, such as a bathrobe, bathing suit, or ear plugs.
2. If you wear contact lenses you should remove them before getting into the tank.
3. Before and after the float it is necessary to wash and shampoo thoroughly in the shower.
4. Do not shave before your float.
5. Floatation is not permitted for those suffering from schizophrenia, epilepsy or severe depression.
6. It is not permitted to float under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
7. For hygiene reasons it is not permitted to float during the menstrual cycle.
8. It is not permitted to float with any temporary dyes that could leave color in the water and contaminate the solution.