At age 22 I began to suffer from sciatica as the result of a herniated disc in the L3/L4 area.
At 23 I had an operation that resulted in partial removal of the herniated disc. After this I suffered spasms that alternated between lumbar and sciatica, never being able to fully release the lumbar muscles.
I tried all the treatments and remedies: chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, oxygen-ozone treatments, laser treatments, patches, physiotherapy, massage, and medication. In 2008, following a heavy relapse, I underwent an MRI. The diagnosis was herniated and expelled binary discs, with fragments in the canal. In the meantime I had met Fiorenzo and discovered the Feldenkrais method. Right away the method forced me to begin taking care of myself, and for more than a year I practiced daily exercises that were able to restore my balance, and now after three years I no longer need drugs or other treatments.

I still continue with weekly Feldenkrais sessions, and when I feel a spasm arriving, I take to the floor (this alone makes me start feeling better) and I do some exercises. After one or two sets of these I’m fine. Recently I fell of a ladder onto my back and went to the hospital to take some x-rays, and the results were very good. I found that I didn’t have any fractures from the fall, and even after three years you could see in the x-rays that the vertebrae are further apart and more well defined…in short, my back is in much better shape. I want everyone who thinks they are hopeless to discover the Feldenkrais method and to find a passionate instructor like Fiorenzo who can transmit their knowledge. I’m now 52 years old and I still practice sport on a semi-professional basis as windsurfer/instructor and snowboarder in the winter.



Andrea is 31 years old, and from birth he has suffered from spastic quadriplegia. This is how he described his physiotherapy experience with Fiorenzo:

“In all these years of working with Fiorenzo, I’ve come to understand my body much better. I feel very relaxed during his sessions. I can say that this experience has helped me, as a means of personal growth. For this I must thank my friend Fiorenzo!”


…When you let go, you learn to see things in a different and powerful way, you observe the world with more clarity and richness of information. After floating you emerge with a profound sense of euphoria and peace…a sense of harmony and oneness with the universe. It was almost a mystical experience. It gave me a vision of how life could be. New feelings surfaced in me, manifesting new creative ideas. It put me in contact with all of my being, like I never thought possible. It was a unique experience, and I intend to continue floating. It’s a timeless, spaceless place for discovering yourself and increasing your awareness. Thank you, I can’t wait to repeat the experience.


In the tank you float.
Suspended in water.
I’m afraid to close the door,
but then the second time I’m able to.
The tank brings me images that stay with me for months and help me overcome difficult moments.
The tank works on my synapses and relaxes my nervous system.
It liberates the body.
The tank tells me, “be here,” be in your body.
The tank tells me that if I stay with myself, in my body, I will fear nothing. BE HERE.
The tank polishes the vision and clarifies the voice.
The tank is a chance to spend time with my friends and dear Fiorenzo.