Food Therapy is a source of inspiration that encourages people to eat healthy foods using a combination of local ingredients, exotic foods, and spices from around the globe.


Learn to prepare creative, fresh, healthy, and easy dishes for every day.

Food therapy is a meeting place where you learn to reinterpret traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation, giving them a new life to match our modern way of living.

These recipes are taught through a series of workshops and videos that explore the world of taste by experimenting with a vast array of exotic ingredients and spices, to discover, to taste, and combine foods in a way that is both healthy and delicious.

Learning the culinary traditions of a culture is the first step in understanding its people. Food Therapy allows you to embark on this journey right from your own kitchen, teaching you to eat in a simple, cheap, and healthy way.

Food Therapy gives you the basis of a good diet through dishes that are easy to prepare, creative, and delicious; dishes that have fed people for ages in all countries of the world.

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